World’s weirdest jobs

Ever dream of leaving HR for something more exotic and more (or maybe less) exciting? How does pet food taster or train stuffer sound?

World’s weirdest jobs

Not everyone has a title like manager, coordinator or dogsbody – a select few have titles that sum up some of the weird tasks required to maintain industries and markets.

Here are HRM’s favourite wacky jobs:

  1. Dog Food Tester
    Have you ever wondered whether pet food is safe for people? Not only is it safe – it was tested on humans.
  2. Ant Catcher
    Some ants for ant farms and research come from ant “ranches”, but those domesticated populations are started and maintained by people digging up wild ants and introducing them to life behind glass. Related: worm picker.
  3. Odor Judges
    Next time you see a new deodorant or mouthwash on the market spare a thought for those who helped test the product. These odor judges spend their days sniffing armpit and other people’s breath.
  4. Foley Artist
    These professional noise makers get to spend their day figuring out how to make the required sounds for radio and movies by banging, tapping throwing and dropping various objects inside their studios.
  5. Professional Sleeper
    Dream job? Professional sleepers are paid to take part in sleep studies and research to help scientists establish base patterns and understand how and why we sleep.
  6. Roadkill Cleaner
    It’s never pleasant to pass a carcass on the street, so cities employ people to clean them up. While it sounds horrific, apparently some cleaners feed their families on fresh roadkills.
  7. Stunt Tester
    Ever watch Fear Factor or Survivor and wonder who comes up with the weird challenges? These guys get to be the first to run the obstacle courses, complete the puzzle and… eat the cockroaches.
  8. Paint Drying Monitor 
    If your job’s a little boring, consider that it could be worse. Paint manufacturers literally hire people to watch paint dry to ensure quality control.
  9. Train Stuffers
    Pictures of overstuffed trains in Japan show just how overcrowded their trainsit system is. The Japanese government actually employs people shove  passengers into the subway, making sure each train is filled beyond capacity.
  10. Line Waiter
    No one likes waiting in line but if you’re rich enough, why would you? The wealthy pay up to $46 an hour to have someone else hold a place in line for them, up to 48 hours in advance.

Can you beat these for wacky ways to make a living? What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?


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