Definition madness!

Keep work paralysis at bay with these crazy definitions.

Definition madness!

When it comes to digital Wild Wests, it doesn’t get much crazier than Urban Dictionary! The community driven, no-holds-barred dictionary site where anyone can post a meaning for any word or phrase is sometimes hilarious and sometimes harrowing.

HRM has done the leg-work for you by compiling our top list of wacky, business-based definitions:

1. A person, who shares a common work environment, who assists or has similar duties as oneself.

2. Same as 1, but does everything in their power to stop you from getting your job done.

Cubical Rations:
Any type of snack food brought from home and eaten between meals while working in a cubicle in an office environment.

Knows a little of something but lots of everything.
Loves starting things then delegating them to others.
Hates bosses, rules, authority and taxes.
Thinks Donald Trump should have a golden statue erected in his honour.
Probably doesn’t really know how to spell entrepreneur.
-Linda Scott

Office Amnesia:
Office amnesia is simply a temporary state of forgetfulness where you can't remember where you are sitting and end up turning back to go a different route. Its duration commonly lasts only a couple of seconds but is very irritating. This usually follows a visit to the bathroom, vending machine, printer or photocopier.

Office Boyfriend:
A male co-worker who acts like a female co-worker's boyfriend, only at work.

Surfing the web while getting paid.

The feeling of pain for being at work, or pain caused from work which includes and not limited to; headache, annoyance, bane, distress, frustration, hassle, inconvenience, irritation, pain in the neck, stress, worry.

When the pile of "to do" stuff on your desk gets so big it slides off onto the floor, or chair or hapless victim.
-Armstrong Editorial

A combination between work and social media. Includes various combinations and alternatives, such as studying/procrastinating, studying/Facebook stalking or working/Twitter stalking.

Taking a vacation in order to get work done in an atmosphere of undisturbed awesomeness.

Work Art:
1. Art created with typical/work office supplies .
2. Art created at work. Work referring to a non-art related job.
3. Art created in the spirit of "screw work".

Work Hot:
When there is a good-looking male or female at your job, that on the outside would not be so hot.
You can substitute "Work" with the name of your place of business... She's Coors hot or he's Walmart hot.

Work Illusionist:
Someone who gives the illusion of doing work, but in reality does nothing. This trick can be preformed by; attending meetings, especially meetings in other office buildings: volunteering for non-work activity such as organising work social events.

Work Paralysis:
The inability to get work done because of its large quantity. Similar to writer's block, but applies to all work with a deadline.

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