How to create workplaces where Generation Z thrive

Whitepaper details how employers can attract and retain the younger generation of workers

How to create workplaces where Generation Z thrive

There’s a lot hanging in the balance and winning over the youngest generation of workers is the key, according to a whitepaper from TELUS Health.

In order to succeed, organizations must conduct more focused efforts to attract and retain Gen Z workers, the document titled “Why employers must create environments for Generation Z to thrive” notes.

“Alarming statistics prove that our mental health crisis disproportionately affects Generation Z workers. But not only is the number of struggling Gen Z workers shocking, the future economic prosperity and growth of our economies also depends on this generation thriving,” read its detailed description. 

The whitepaper is available for free right here.

A previous report noted that Gen Z is setting the standard for positive employee experience.

Attracting and retaining these workers would require a lot of work from employers, and the TELUS Health whitepaper has all the answers to the puzzle.

Almost all (93%) of Canadian professionals between 20 and 35 want to work for an organization that is agile, meaning it supports quick and flexible decision making, according to new research from Nestlé Canada. And flexible work arrangements are even more important for organizations wanting to attract Gen Z talent, according to one expert.

Those things, however, are only part of the solution.

"Why employers must create environments for Generation Z to thrive" – a free and comprehensive five-page white paper – goes into a deep dive in to the current crisis and provides proactive solutions.

It provides insight into:

  • How to create supportive workplaces that understand this generation’s views on work, their needs and values. 
  • Providing support to help these employees deal with the challenges they face.
  • Creating environments that address mental health and wellbeing. 
  • Prioritizing flexibility while operating in an increasingly digital workforce.

Don’t miss out on this valuable piece of a guide material.

Download the "Why employers must create environments for Generation Z to thrive" whitepaper for free today right here.

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