Full-time work-from-home numbers fall

New research shows hybrid work up, full-time remote is down in the US

Full-time work-from-home numbers fall

Approximately three years after the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed US workplaces, a new Pew Research Center survey reveals that 35% of workers with remote-capable jobs are working from home full-time. This figure has decreased since January 2022 (43%) and October 2020 (55%) but remains significantly higher than the pre-pandemic level of 7%.

As the pandemic has progressed, many workers have adopted a hybrid work model. The survey found that 41% of those with remote-capable jobs now work a hybrid schedule, splitting their time between working from home and the office, workplace, or job site. This is an increase from 35% in January 2022.

Among non-self-employed hybrid workers, 63% say their employer mandates in-person work for a specific number of days per week or month. Approximately 59% of hybrid workers report working from home three or more days per week, while 41% do so for two days or fewer.

Many hybrid workers would prefer to work from home more often than they currently do. About 34% of those who work from home most of the time would prefer to work from home full-time, while 50% of those who work from home part-time would like to do so all (18%) or most (32%) of the time.

The majority of US workers (61%) do not have jobs that can be performed remotely. Lower-income workers and those without a four-year college degree are more likely to fall into this category. Among those with remote-capable jobs, Hispanic adults and individuals without a college degree are more likely to report rarely or never working from home.

Taking all employed US adults aged 18 and older into account, Pew Research Center estimates that around 14%—or roughly 22 million people—are currently working from home full-time.

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