Blog: 5 steps to an HR job search that doesn’t make you cry

The job market is improving, but it can still be difficult for HR professionals at all levels to land roles. What can you do to improve your jobseeking experience?

Blog: 5 steps to an HR job search that doesn’t make you cry
Though the job market continues to show improvement, the reality is that it is still difficult for both downsized and graduating human resources professionals to land roles.  Each interesting HR vacancy has hundreds of applications and competition for roles can be fierce.  Though this time can be difficult and feel frustrating, don’t let those emotions overwhelm what can be an energizing experience.   Instead use this time to:

Take some time to reconnect with family, friends and yourself.  Exercise, eat well, read and engage in those activities that energize you.  You will be a better job hunter, interviewee and eventually employee if you take the time to foster these activities now. 

Know thyself
One thing you can take advantage of right now is time.  Use it productively to figure out what you do well, what interests you the most and what you need to build upon.  Read Now Go Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham.  Get prepared and work towards your next career step with a clear head and an even clearer direction.

Get “up to speed”
Make sure you catch up to current thought leadership in your area of expertise.  This can mean reading books, blogs, e-books, lectures, networking or attending conferences.  Get yourself a little bit closer to leading edge, speak the most current business language (think big data and cloud HR) and open your mind to new opportunities.

Practice, practice, practice
Interviewing can be difficult at the best of times.  Surprisingly, I think most HR professionals people would say that it is even more difficult when you are the  “interviewing expert” now on the other side of the recruitment table.  Practice your delivery, examples and personal presentation.  What is your elevator speech (can this link to my previous submission)?

Not be discouraged
Easier said than done I know, but focused networking, building your skills and a positive outlook will land you back on your feet and, in many cases, in a fulfilling and engaging role.
Jamie Allison is a Certified Human Resources Professional and President of epitome. - a human resources consulting organization focussed on elevating client results. He has over 15 years of human resources and leadership experience in organizations ranging from government and healthcare to retail and finance.

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