Shame on HR: Correcting behaviour only when caught in public

This HR pro is critical of organizations that don’t address employee misbehaviour until they’re caught by customers.

It’s hard for HR to be everywhere so employees’ bad behaviour can slip under the radar for a while, but when employees are caught behaving badly in public it reflects badly on everyone in the organization.
That’s Air Canada’s “shame” according to HR consultant Ken Godevenos.
Godevenos criticized the airline for its slow response, and its union’s excuses:
Three shames for Air Canada and its Unions:
1. That they had to wait for the "phone cameras (to) become ubiquitous" before they discovered this "shortcut" process themselves.
2. That they have told the employees they will "be terminated" but they have not done so yet.
3. That the Union is trying to make excuses for the employees rather than fixing the problem.
The employees should have worked safely, no doubt, but they don't take hold travelers' bags ransom to their safety.
  • Ken Godevenos
Other commentators noted Air Canada’s poor wording, which said they would terminate the employees pending an investigation.
“What troubles me is that they say they are doing an investigation; and yet they have already concluded the employees will be terminated,” Kellie wrote. “What is the purpose of the investigation? To see how quickly they will terminate? This is not to say there should not be discipline; however, if these employees have nothing else on their records - is it truly destroying the employment relationship to the point of termination?”

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