Ousted Groupon CEO puts on new spin on his CV

The ousted Groupon CEO has tried his hand at another profession, and it probably isn’t what you might expect.

Ousted Groupon CEO puts on new spin on his CV

Andrew Mason, former CEO of Groupon, released his debut album on 2 July through iTunes and Spotify.

The album, entitled “Hardly Workin’”, contains seven tracks from the former punk-rock keyboardist turned CEO and is touted by Mason as a guide for working in the corporate world and heading a company.

“Executives, mid-level management, and front-line employees are all sure to find valuable takeaways. I've probably listened to the album over a dozen times now, and with each spin I feel like I learn something,” Mason wrote on his blog.

He encourages managers and executives to integrate not only the messages of the album, but the soundtrack itself into their business – ending meetings with “It’s Up To Us”, or popping “My Door Is Always Open” on a thumb drive and leaving it at a low-performance employee’s desk.

Groupon’s stock price has almost doubled since his termination, The Australian reported.

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