'Game-changing' app helps HR track carbon emissions

Having an environmentally responsible workplace could help in retention and acquisition

'Game-changing' app helps HR track carbon emissions

A new calculator measuring an organisation's carbon emissions has been launched in New Zealand, a "game-changer" for employers and their roles in reducing carbon footprints.

The Carbon Emissions Calculator is launched under the Climate Action Toolbox, which can help employers identify ways to reduce their carbon emissions and the tools to achieve it.

The toolbox is developed by the Sustainable Business Network (SBN), in partnership with the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), as well as other public and private sector organisations.

"The Toolbox is designed to help businesses take action on climate. They play a vital role in reducing New Zealand's emissions," said Tui Rutherford, head of Small Business Services at the MBIE.

The Bank of New Zealand is among the private partners for the development of the Carbon Emissions Calculator.

"The Carbon Emissions Calculator is an absolute game changer for SMEs, the New Zealand economy, and the climate, delivering specific advice to SMEs on how to measure and reduce their emissions," said Rebekah Cain, BNZ's chief sustainability officer, in a statement.

"Larger organisations have the resources to run sustainability teams and set our plans and processes, but in the engine room of the economy – the small and medium businesses – there is less time and less resources to focus on sustainability."

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How can it help employers?

Aside from helping the environment, organisations lending a hand to the challenges faced outside the workplace could also help employee retention, as it gives employees a sense of purpose.

In fact, a study for Southeast Asians on the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) revealed that they believe organisations have the obligation to contribute to the goodness of society.

Another study also said that millennials and Gen Z were more likely to put pressure on their employers to fight back against climate change.

Rachel Brown, CEO and founder of the SBN, in a statement said that organisations choosing to reduce emissions can help "attract customers and talent," among other benefits.

Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, also previously pointed out three advantages on the following aspects for employers should they go green:

  1. Staff wellbeing and productivity
  2. Staff attraction
  3. Staff retention

"The evidence certainly points to employers needing to make sure their organisation is moving with the times and accommodating the needs of the modern workforce," Deligiannis previously told HRD.

"This can help them avoid missing out on recruiting top talent."

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