‘She called me a b****’: Manager denies making hurtful remarks

The Lorna Jane area manager accused of bullying a former employee has denied in Court to ever making hurtful remarks about her

‘She called me a b****’: Manager denies making hurtful remarks
The Lorna Jane area manager accused of bullying an erstwhile store manager has denied ever making hurtful remarks about her in the Brisbane District Court.

Amy Robinson is claiming $548,000 in damages after she was allegedly bullied about her weight by her area manager at Lorna Jane.

Robinson claims Megan McCarthy told her she “looked cheap”, “needed to lose weight” and to “skip lunch, get coffee and eat (at) home later”.

The accusations were vehemently denied by McCarthy who told the court she has “never made any comments about her weight or food”.

"Amy loved her role and we got along really well, she was always happy. We had a laugh," she said.

However, she went on to say that Robinson changed over time.

"I was quite intimidated by her. Once she actually swore at me ... she called me a bitch."

Moreover, much of the discussion at the court focused on social media posts which Robinson argued had constituted bullying.

One post read: "I have discovered a new name for the people I despise — I call them 'generators' purely because they fill their days generating more problems for me to deal with".

Robinson had previously stated those posts were about her, and claims McCarthy also called her a "generator" to her face.

However, McCarthy denies the posts were about anyone, telling the court she "doesn't despise anybody" and was just venting a frustrating day in the office.

Earlier in the week, the court heard that Robinson had borderline personality disorder and it is possible she overstated or lied about the extent of her suffering to a psychologist.

“She is extremely sensitive in interactions with others and is quick to feel that she is being treated inequitably and tends to hold grudges against others even if the perceived affront is unintentional,” Dr Oertel wrote in her report which was read to the Court.

Robinson also had a history of depression and anxiety, for which she had been taking medication.

Dr Oertel said the medical history made it "hard to tease out to what percentage or what degree" the experience at Lorna Jane impacted Robinson.

Robinson also stated that McCarthy bullied her via social media and assigned inappropriate work hours in addition to her childcare responsibilities.

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