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Shell looks to corporate offices for jobs to cut

Shell’s corporate footprint will be ground zero for its HR team in coming weeks, as it seeks to execute a round of job cuts in order to gain increased efficiency.

Google’s plan to keep top employee talent engaged

Google has a new plan to stop its best technology talent leaving to start their own businesses.

What 12 submarines have to say about HR

The Federal Government has chosen to keep shipbuilding jobs onshore, but does the decision have implications for HR managers looking to offshore jobs?

HR in battle with hackers at Apple as employees targeted

Apple’s human resources team are in an all-out battle with opportunistic hackers, who are going global in an effort to exploit employee access to secure data.

‘Oops’: Reaction to firing 30 employees accidentally

A global technology brand is reported to have accidentally fired 30 employees last week when bureaucracy and incompetence momentarily combined.

Starbucks Canada faces $1 million employee lawsuit

Starbucks Canada is facing a $1 million employee lawsuit after allegations it failed to uphold a legal duty to keep its workplace safe.

Canadian employee arrested after trying to ruin former employer

A Canadian has been arrested after hacking and attempting to ruin his former US employer.

Payroll fail threatens major festival’s last days

A long-running film festival was under threat from a last-minute walkout by workers who had not been paid for over a month.

Canadian public servant could be fired as protest song goes viral

It now has over half a million views on YouTube. But this political protest song could end up in termination for one folk-singing public servant.

Is your HR team a threat to IT security?

One study claims that HR professionals are a threat to their own companies due to a ‘latency for mistakes’.