MOM: HR 'pivotal' in helping businesses become successful

HR enforced workplace measures to save jobs amid COVID

MOM: HR 'pivotal' in helping businesses become successful

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on Wednesday said that the Human Resources (HR) community is "pivotal" in helping businesses and workers succeed. The HR community was the highlight of the 26th Jobs Situation Report released by MOM on Monday, and it underscored how HR transformation supported businesses in managing the impact of COVID-19.

"The HR community has played a central role in helping businesses navigate the challenges of COVID-19, from managing manpower disruptions and the changing nature of workplaces, to engaging employees and safeguarding their mental well-being," read the Jobs Situation Report.

According to the document, HR was also responsible for implementing cost-saving measures to save jobs amid the pandemic.

"As many businesses accelerated their pace of digitalisation and transformation amidst the pandemic, HR's ability to drive strategic workforce planning, redesign jobs and develop talent will be pivotal in helping businesses and their workers to succeed," it added.

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MOM urged businesses as well as HR professionals to sign up on the resources and programmes of the Institute of HR Professionals (IHRP) to boost their HR capabilities.

"HR professionals can take up IHRP's certification, which is a national HR certification framework recognising the experience, skills and competencies of HR professionals in Singapore," the report said, adding that more than 4,500 HR professionals are now IHRP-certified.

Workforce transformation

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things will also "redefine business models and jobs," according to MOM. New and emerging roles will emerge, added the ministry, while some existing jobs will need to "evolve and expand" to drive higher value.

"A traditional HR business partner would need to drive strategic and long-term workforce planning and use data-driven insights to customise talent management solutions," said MOM in the report.

In December 2020, the Human Resource Jobs Transformation Map was launched to analyse the effect of technology on HR jobs over the next five years. It will also help HR professionals understand the changes in the workforce.

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Meanwhile, the report also outlined that the Tripartite Partners (MOM, Singapore National Employers Federation, and National Trades Union Congress) are recognising the efforts of employers who did a great job in implementing impressive workplace practices and investing in human capital.

Such employers are rewarded with the Human Capital Partnership (HCP) Programme, with about 600 HCPartners already recognised.

"Together, HCPartners employ more than 250,000 workers, of which more than 80% are locals," MOM said.

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