MOM sets up HR tech advisory panel

The move aims to make HR’s role more strategic and make every worker “a better worker”, says minister

MOM sets up HR tech advisory panel

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has launched a new HR technology advisory panel to guide HR leaders in their digital transformation journeys.

Made up of top HR experts in Singapore, the panel will come up with ways to encourage the use of HR tech and make recommendations to further develop the HR services sector.

The move aims to further push HR into a more strategic role and help transform the business to make every worker “a better worker”, said Minister of State for Manpower Zaqy Mohamad.

“Some employers may still see the HR function as a transactional one, confined to tasks such as payroll processing and putting up job postings,” Mohamad said. “Others may feel that their small HR teams have limited capacity to do more.

“HR tech solutions can minimise transactional HR tasks, and free up HR professionals’ bandwidth for more high touch, strategic work. This includes engaging employees to better understand their needs, concerns and aspirations, and build a strong organisational culture that supports change.”

Announcing the launch at an industry event last Wednesday (8 May), he added how the “increasingly accessible and affordable” HR services sector, comprised of HR consultancies and tech providers, offer solutions that “can amplify the effectiveness and capacity” of HR professionals.

In addition, in a skills-scarce business landscape, the minister believes it’s crucial for employers to shift from “buying talent” to “building talent”.

“Business leaders need to support their HR teams as they implement competency-based hiring and on-the-job training programs to ‘build’ talent,” he said. “At the same time, workers need to be open to learning new skills and embracing new job roles that will enhance their career mobility.”

He emphasised employers’ key role in rejuvenating jobs and supporting workers to upskill. There must be concerted effort to:

  • redesign jobs
  • identify and address workforce skills gaps
  • facilitate job transitions and support inclusive hiring
  • help employees manage and build confidence in their change journeys

“By understanding companies’ overall workforce needs and optimising workforce development efforts across different business units, HR professionals can be business leaders’ strategic partner in building a stronger, manpower-lean organisation that is ready to tap new business opportunities in Singapore and abroad,” he said.

The panel is co-chaired by MOM’s deputy secretary for workforce Poon Hong Yuen and Singtel’s group chief HR officer Aileen Tan. It includes HR and company leaders and representatives from the unions and government.

It builds on Singapore’s long-term HR Industry Manpower Plan. Launched in 2017, MOM has implemented various initiatives such as a skills framework, the IHRP certification program, as well as a human capital diagnostic tool for companies to evaluate their HR processes.

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