Lazada CEO: Collaboration is 'most important solution' in overcoming challenges

The CEO addressed leaders on the opening of the inaugural Singapore APEX Business Summit

Lazada CEO: Collaboration is 'most important solution' in overcoming challenges

Lazada Group chief executive officer Chun Li underscored on Tuesday the importance of collaboration in overcoming challenges as businesses navigate in the endemic world.

"The pandemic has shown us that working together is not just one of the solutions to overcoming challenges: it is the most important solution," said Li in his keynote speech at the Singapore Apex Business Summit.

"Our world is growing more connected in the endemic era. We must look to greater collaboration and cooperation across industries. Public and private sectors must work together to drive sustainable progress," he added.

According the Lazada Group CEO, the world should work together in building an open network amid the digital economy, "not a walled garden super application or platform."

"All players should focus on what they do best, but they should not forget to collaborate while competing to give consumers and sellers the best choices in their focus areas," Li added.

He also noted that keeping customers at the top of businesses' priorities and focusing on business sustainability are important in re-imagining a business in the endemic world.

"Again, partnerships are crucial. The Singapore APEX Business Summit is a valuable opportunity for businesses to network and allow different stakeholders to meet industry leaders and policymakers to identify opportunities for growth."

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Singapore APEX Business Summit

The Singapore APEX Business Summit (SABS) is an inaugural four-day event organised by MP Singapore and Singapore Business Federation (SBF), which is also celebrating its 20th anniversary.

More than 3,000 business leaders and senior government officials from 57 countries and economies have signed up to the summit, which was held both online and in-person.

It also saw the participation of 1,600 unique companies or organisations, with two-thirds of the participants at the C-suite or senior management level.

"Through the SABS, the Singapore Business Federation aims to help companies achieve resilience and further accelerate their growth. Singapore is an attractive business hub for global businesses, and the Summit shows that we are open and ready for business," said SBF chairman Lim Ming Yan in a statement.

SBF chief executive officer Lam Yi Young added that the event aims to gather business leaders and policy makers around the world to "discuss future trends and growth opportunities."

"The Summit is very much aligned to SBF's mission and the reason and purpose for which we were set up 20 years ago – to help bridge and connect the business community, and to help businesses seize growth opportunities in Singapore and around the world," said Young.

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