Dyson's 'ambitious' recruitment campaign begins

The tech firm is looking to hire “substantially” more digital-savvy workers in Singapore, says CEO

Dyson's 'ambitious' recruitment campaign begins

Over the next few years, Dyson will be on a hiring spree for tech-savvy workers in Singapore as the company expands its operations here, said CEO Jim Rowan.

Earlier this year, Dyson announced that it’ll move its headquarters from the UK to Singapore. Several reasons were cited for the move, including ready availability of engineering talent.

As planned, the “substantial” growth of its workforce will focus on facilitating the expansion of their capabilities and production engineering, as well as development of future tech – meaning a zoom-in on digital-savvy talent.

“We’ve been having so much software and electronics in our products, and so much intelligence that that’s the skillset that we need,” Rowan told Channel NewsAsia.

Rowan didn’t reveal the exact number of recruits they’re looking to hire in Singapore but said it would be “significant”.

Besides engineering and tech-savvy talent, they’re also looking for candidates with skills such as digital marketing as they plan to focus on digital retailing and building more websites and channels to “reach the social media shopper”.

“All of that has been some of the skills that we’ve had to go after,” he said. “But of course, those are the skills that many companies are looking for.”

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However, the CEO remains confident that they’ll be able to get the right people for the right skills, adding that the competition for labour in Singapore is not any tougher than in other countries, including the UK.

“We can actually get the skills we need partly because the education levels in Singapore are so high,” he said. “We can get very high quality graduates that we can then probably train up.

“So they come to Dyson with all the ingredients that we need: Cognitive intelligence, a degree in engineering disciplines that we need.”

He added that Dyson may also tap onto Singapore’s status as a hub for the disk drive and semiconductor industries. He mentioned that at the digital motor facility, they hired “a lot of ex-disk drive people” with the right skills and experience for the firm.

The company currently has over 1,100 employees in Singapore and about 3,100 spread across the rest of Asia.

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