Demand for HR professionals on the rise – time for a change?

by Cameron Edmond15 Oct 2013

Candidate movement is impacting the job-seeking climate, with a preference for strong and solid tenure increasingly impacting the hiring decision.

The Hays Quarterly Hotspots report found a number of areas in the HR profession becoming open, as more professionals change their employers.

“The majority of vacancy activity is the result of replacing departing staff rather than the creation of new roles,” Lisa Morris, senior regional director of Hays Human Resources, said.

“This movement of candidates between jobs is a trend not reflected in the unemployment rate, but it is a good sign of candidates’ confidence that they can improve their prospects by looking for a new job … as a result, overall vacancy activity is expected to increase this quarter. Many employers also tell us they are keen to secure candidates who can start early in the new calendar year,” she added.

Morris also stated that the recruitment process has become longer, with many organisations becoming more judicious in ensuring the candidate has a broad skill set.

Long tenure remains an important fixture of hiring, despite many employers preferring temporary assignments. Not only is temporary placement being used to cover workload peaks, but also as a method to trial prospective employees – ensuring they are a ‘good fit’ before offering a permanent position.


The report found the following HR professions to be the most in demand:

  • Remuneration and benefits analyst
  • Employee relations specialist
  • Generalist HR advisor
  • HR analyst
  • Change manager
  • OHS officer
  • Crewing officer
  • ERMS Coordinator
  • Part-time HR consultant



  • by HR Professional from India 15/10/2013 8:14:19 PM

    That’s an interesting article...

    Is this one of the reason, Why HR is in shortage job list ?

    Is Demand for HR professionals on the rise - A good news for someone keen on moving to Australia? or It is limited to the local HR professionals?

    Do share the insights.. Would really appreciate your valuable views.

    Thanking you.

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