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  • FWC judge resigns over ‘biased’ system by HCA

    An FWC judge has resigned citing concerns about the way workplace relations is regulated and administered in Australia

  • Employer group calls for workplace relations reform by Miklos Bolza

    One of Australia's largest industry associations has urged the Coalition to act on recommendations by the Productivity Commission

  • Judge slams "notorious" union non-compliance record by External

    Unions may have power in the workplace, but they are not above the law, says one Federal Court judge.

  • Abetz to undo Shorten’s work by Cameron Edmond

    Minister for Employment Eric Abetz is set to dismantle some of the work done by Bill Shorten earlier this year, focused on stripping unions of power.

  • Union watchdogs return by Cameron Edmond

    Unions attack the return of two construction commissioners from the old guard, while industry groups praise the return. Why the controversy, and where do you stand?

  • Liberals resist Labor’s AWA changes by

    THE DECISION by deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop to resist the Labor Government’s plans to abolish Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) has been described by ACTU president Sharon Burrow as an insult to the Australian people who voted overwhelmingly to reject WorkChoices at last year’s election

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