Talent acquisition: Welcome to the flight to quality

New whitepaper: 2023 will see renewed focus on quality of candidates, responsible use of AI, and next-level interviewing

Talent acquisition: Welcome to the flight to quality

Chaotic labour conditions have brought hiring to the forefront of most HR practitioners’ minds. A free whitepaper published by HRD in partnership with Modern Hire explains why it’s vital for HR professionals to refocus their attention on quality hiring techniques that will drive efficiency, effectiveness, engagement, and ethical outcomes.

Down the full FREE whitepaper here: 2023 Hiring Trends: The Flight to Quality

Those chaotic labour conditions are expected to continue in 2023. Amid job market uncertainty, AI-powered hiring tools continue to proliferate, and regulatory bodies are seeking to assess their responsible use.

Welcome to the flight to quality: Quality of hire, quality of practice, and quality of technology is the name of the game for 2023. So, what are the three trends that are shaping the quality mandate of 2023?

Renewed focus on “quality of hire”: In many ways, quality of hire is the ultimate metric of hiring success – encapsulating how well a new hire performs, their engagement and promotability, as well as how likely they are to remain at the new company over time

More aware, more responsible use of AI in hiring: AI has come of age as a tool that can effectively accelerate quality hiring at scale while minimizing the bias that is inherent in human raters. Globally, 45% of companies are using AI to improve recruiting and HR.

Next-level interviewing: If the one-two punch of labour shortages and remote work accelerated the adoption of talent acquisition technology over the last three years, the trend shows no signs of stopping. In fact, 73% of companies increased their investment in TA tech last year.

Download the whitepaper today to gain insight into:

  • The renewed focus on the quality of hire and how it affects turnover
  • How to take a more responsible approach to AI in hiring
  • What next-level interviewing looks like

Down the full FREE whitepaper here: 2023 Hiring Trends: The Flight to Quality

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