Singaporean employers lure in talent with sustainability promises

Nine in 10 agree that sustainability should be integrated within their companies

Singaporean employers lure in talent with sustainability promises

Employers across Singapore appear to be investing in talent when it comes to sustainability-related initiatives, according to a new report from the NTUC LearningHub, as they set their sights in integrating such programmes within their organisation.

The report revealed that 77% of employers are considering hiring talent for sustainability-related initiatives in the next two years, and they said these skills will be helpful for their organisation: 

  • Environment and Social Governance (44%)
  • Carbon Footprint Management (40%)
  • Sustainable Business Strategies (39%)

They are also considering the following Critical Core Skills to develop their sustainability initiatives:

  • Problem Solving (52%)
  • Creating Thinking (44%)
  • Collaboration (44%)

On the other hand, 24% of employers are also very open and 69% are somewhat open to sending their current employees for sustainability training. One barrier to this, however, is that 56% of the respondents said their organisation would need help in training staff with relevant skills in sustainability.

This investment towards sustainability-related initiatives stems from the growing push from employees to integrate them within the organisation.

In fact, the report revealed that even nine in 10 business leaders surveyed agreed that it is important to integrate sustainability in their organisation's overall business strategy.

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The challenge in this, however, is in the implementation stage, according to 49% of the respondents, with 30% saying this hurdle prevents them from setting any sustainability goals.

"Sustainability is a very new concept for many companies. With the growing call to integrate sustainable practices into business models, companies will inevitably be looking for talents to help them develop products or adopt new technologies to support their sustainable initiatives," said Tay Ee Learn, NTUC LearningHub's Director of Technical Skills Product Division, in a statement.

"Employers could consider recruiting new talents or developing their current workforce by equipping them with the right skills," he added.

A total of 200 business leaders across different industries in Singapore took part in the survey, which aimed to uncover the importance of implementing sustainable business practices.

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