NTUC Income announces plans to hire 1,200 finance workers

The spots are open to fresh grads and mid-career jobseekers – with or without relevant experience

NTUC Income announces plans to hire 1,200 finance workers

Singapore insurance firm NTUC Income is opening new career paths for 1,200 fresh graduates and mid-career job candidates who want to break into the finance industry.

Income unveiled a Sales Management Associate (SMA) programme that gives newcomers “holistic exposure” to insurance and financial advisory.

“SMA is the only programme in the industry that offers integrated career tracks in financial advisory that range from tied advisors, to retail and financial advisors,” Income said.

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The initiative, spanning 18 months, enables new hires to study and obtain their license and receive on-the-job training and career advice while they earn a starting pay of $2,900 a month.  

Participants will also receive one-on-one mentorship from senior managers as they learn the basics of policy servicing, handling customer claims and customer service, the company said.

The programme provides learners with an opportunity to “undergo ‘job sampling’ in the areas of insurance design, claims, product development, underwriting and more, so that they gain insights into Income’s front and back-end sales operations”.

The aim is to deepen participants’ understanding of the insurance industry. After completing the programme, they can decide on the next chapter of their career – specifically, whether they would like to take on a full-time role with the company.

“The launch of the SMA programme is extremely timely as it helps to create meaningful job opportunities for Singaporeans in the current economic climate,” said Fabian Ng, general manager for consumer business at Income.

“This specially curated programme is the only one that provides three career tracks; remuneration from the day you start (which includes attractive bonuses); and not to mention well-rounded learning opportunities, including mentoring, across the different facets of insurance, to hone strong financial advisory skills,” he said.

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With its network of mentors and unique “integrated approach” to training, Income is hoping to “groom the next generation of advisors holistically”.

“We believe that this will give them flexibility to carve a clearer path for growth in the financial services industry,” Ng said.

“The SMA programme will also enable us to double our agency force, to strengthen our distribution channels and better serve the evolving insurance and financial advisory needs of Singaporeans.”

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