Industry 4.0: Shell on digital upskilling, green initiatives

The oil group is promoting a culture of learning as it heads into a new direction

Industry 4.0: Shell on digital upskilling, green initiatives

Shell is joining forces with the union representing Singapore employees in a new upskilling programme designed to complement its Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Managers from the oil company, along with leaders of the Singapore Shell Employees’ Union, have set up a Joint Capability Council (JCC) that will spearhead training initiatives. The programme will benefit 1,250 workers across all of Shell’s businesses.

“This initiative, amongst others, will complement Shell’s digitalisation efforts in pivoting its manufacturing business into new, low-carbon value chains,” the programme partners announced in an official statement.

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Shell aims to slash its carbon emissions by about a third within 10 years. The digital upskilling of employees coincides with this shift in its core business.

Staying relevant and resilient
The JCC partners will develop courses on adaptive skills, digital literacy and data analytics.

“The first phase of the initiative will see training programmes offered to more than 500 process and maintenance technicians,” they said.

Overall, the training is designed to help employees “stay relevant and resilient through change” by allowing them to develop competencies fit for future opportunities.

“As we repurpose our business to navigate change through the energy transition, Shell is also strengthening the culture of a ‘learner mindset’ across our organisation,” said Aw Kah Peng, chairman of Shell Companies in Singapore.

“This will help us to innovate and not be afraid to try new things, learn together from challenges and successes, and collectively achieve better outcomes and performance.”

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The JCC is expected to make a “real difference” in enhancing employees’ job security and securing better work prospects for them in the medium- to long-term, according to Ng Chee Meng, secretary-general of the National Trade Union Congress.

“With COVID-19 and rapid business changes towards Industry 4.0, it is doubly important that our workers can upgrade to Worker 4.0 to ride the Industry 4.0 opportunities. This must be the formula going forward,” he said.

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