How much can AI save HR in hiring costs?

A new platform seeks to remove menial tasks for hiring managers

How much can AI save HR in hiring costs?

Singapore-based consultancy OppTy has launched an AI-powered career platform that aims to help recruiters save more than 80% on their annual recruitment costs by streamlining hiring processes.

Much like other career platforms, OppTy matches suitable job candidates to available openings. However, what makes his company different is its use of AI technology, which it claims "bypasses traditional time-consuming practices present in current job seeking and recruitment processes".

Jansen Gwee, founder of OppTy, said the career platform offers automated job matches, as well as optimises search functions for potential job and candidate prospects. The platform also assists in the management of the full recruitment workflow, from candidate search, interviews, hiring, and onboarding process. According to the company, OppTy's all-in-one recruitment process will help recruiters save "over 80% on their annual recruitment costs."

Recruiters will only need to post their opening on the platform and let it handle the entire candidate search, screening, and hiring process, the company said, adding that its smart candidate selection tool will shortlist candidates who are good fit for a position, even if they are not actively looking for a job.

OppTy is also introducing "automated schedulers," which can contact candidates, schedule interviews with them, and remind recruiters of upcoming interviews and psychometric tests.

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For jobseekers, the platform can help them create their resume and maintain a portfolio, with its AI recommending relevant skill sets, qualifications, and accomplishments in their CVs. The platform also has its "Roadmap Assistance" service, which displays the potential career paths for a candidate based on their qualifications, skills, and interests.

The platform will also help train employees during their interview preparations by suggesting what kind of questions to expect and what skills to highlight.

To boost transparency during the application process, candidates in the platform will see real-time updates on their application status to reduce turnaround time and give them peace of mind in terms of their application's outcome.

"With the launch of this platform, users no longer have to spend endless hours on repetitive administrative tasks in the recruitment process," said Gwee in a statement.

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