One in three of your employees are job hunting – here's how to convince them to stay

A new reports offers some advice on how to retain staff

One in three of your employees are job hunting – here's how to convince them to stay

One in three employees in Singapore have admitted to plans of looking for new jobs in the first half of the year, according to the latest Randstad report, and it is up to employers to ensure that expectations are met in order to retain staff.

According to Randstad's annual Employer Brand Research in Singapore, 31% of its respondents are planning to change jobs between January and June this year.

Jaya Dass, managing director of Randstad Singapore and Malaysia, attributed this decision from employees to their desire for a more "holistic work experience."

"As job vacancies abound and outnumber job seekers in the market, many employees are tempted to find better job opportunities," Dass said in a statement.

"Besides wanting a higher salary, many employees are also looking for a holistic work experience, which includes flexible work schedules and a conducive environment for them to grow in their careers."

In fact, from July to December 2021, majority (64%) of employees who switched employers or careers have cited work-life balance as one of their drivers in searching for new jobs.

Salary and employee benefits came in second with 63%, and then followed by the search for a pleasant work atmosphere with 51%, according to Randstad’s report.

Dass stressed while employers may expect all their employees back to the workplace as safe distancing measures are lifted, employees may still feel more motivated to look for employers are offering better work flexibility. 

"Employers that are looking to retain their workforce through this Great Resignation period should take action to meet these new employee expectations," advised Dass.

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Various Singapore-based organisations have already implemented hybrid work arrangements as a mainstay in their companies. These include Randstad Singapore, the Public Service Division, Changi Airport Group, and DBS Bank.

In a previous statement, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) have revealed plans to train employers on how to properly incorporate flexible work arrangements (FWA) to their companies.

MOM has been advocating for the implementation of FWAs across workplaces even after the pandemic, citing its benefits to both employers and employees.

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