These staff were ignored after raising mental health issues

Are you providing the necessary support for employees?

These staff were ignored after raising mental health issues

Mental health awareness is slowly improving in the business world as discussions surrounding the topic increases, with the likes of Richard Branson championing the cause. Branson said that “taking care of the mental health of staff should be a priority for any business”.

However, a recent survey by Hays found that over a quarter of workers who raised a mental health issue at work recently were not offered support from their employer.

Over 1,400 people across nearly 100 countries were asked whether they had ever spoken to their employer about a mental health issue. Those who answered yes revealed the level of support they received from their employer:

- 25.3% were given time to talk confidentially with their manager

- 19.9% were provided with some form of counselling or therapy

- 15.5% were given time off

- 10% were given adjusted workload or responsibilities

However, 27% of those who responded said they received no support from their employer.

Of those respondents who answered that they hadn’t raised a mental health issue, a staggering 33% said they didn’t feel comfortable speaking to their manager, while 26% stated they were worried it might harm their career progression.

About 24% declared they were concerned with confidentially and 14% were not aware of the support that was available to them.

“This survey has highlighted the importance organisations must place on educating their workforce about the support that is available to them should they experience a mental health issue,” said Sandra Henke, Head of People & Culture at Hays Group.

“And more importantly, creating a culture in which employees feel they can approach their manager with such issues. The well-being of employees should be paramount for organisations and managers must ensure they are supporting their employees as a priority.”


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