Singapore: More employees may return to work

The government is easing workplace measures from April 5th

Singapore: More employees may return to work

Singapore is easing COVID-19 measures for workplaces from April 5th onwards, allowing more employees to return to the office. This signals a shift to a more hybrid way of working.

“We will no longer mandate the requirement for splitting teams, but we will strongly encourage employers to still stagger the start times and implement flexible working hours,” Minister Lawrence Wong said in a press conference. “Of course, employers must continue to implement all prevailing safe management measures.”

Those who fail to comply with prevailing safety measures may be penalised.

These changes will take effect from April onwards:

  • Up to 75% of employees can be at the workplace at any one time
  • Split team arrangements are no longer mandatory
  • There is not longer a cap on how much time staff spend at the office
  • Team-based events can take place, up to a max of eight people

However, restrictions on cross-deployment of employees across workplaces will remain.

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