LinkedIn reveals Singapore's most sought-after jobs

Unsurprisingly, tech-related roles remain in high demand

LinkedIn reveals Singapore's most sought-after jobs

Over half of the most sought-after jobs in Singapore are tech-related, according to LinkedIn’s latest report.

As Singapore continues its push to become a smart nation, they’ve found that jobs handling artificial intelligence and robotics take up most of the spots in the annual ranking.

Data scientist, the top job in 2018, continued to rank highly in 2019.

The report also suggest that both technical and soft skills continue to be in high demand. Hard skills alone are not enough — even among tech professionals, as candidates need to showcase beyond technical abilities.

Some of the unique technical skills in demand included machine learning, deep learning, python capabilities and robotic process automation.

“Singapore’s continued commitment to becoming a digital nation has led to continued demand for some of the fastest-growing jobs in our workforce,” said Feon Ang, VP for Talent and Learning Solutions, Asia Pacific at LinkedIn.

“It is a very exciting time for all of us as professionals as we learn to adapt and evolve our skills to stay relevant in our jobs.

“The biggest skills gap is ultimately soft skills. Digitisation and automation have opened doors for more jobs that require creativity and interpersonal skills to help make sense of data and technology.”

Top jobs in Singapore for 2019:

  1. AI specialist
  2. Robotics engineer
  3. Full stack engineer
  4. Backend developer
  5. Data scientist
  6. DevOps engineer
  7. Data engineer
  8. Cybersecurity specialist
  9. Community specialist
  10. Partnerships specialist
  11. Clinical specialist
  12. E-commerce specialist
  13. Customer success specialist
  14. Product owner
  15. Creative copywriter

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