HRDs reveal top concerns for 2019

From budgets to C-Suite support - what's keeping you awake at night?

HRDs reveal top concerns for 2019

A severe lack of career development opportunities are leaving employees feeling unmotivated and unappreciated – according to a new report from Cascade HR.

After interviewing almost 500 HR professionals, the study found that 44% don’t believe their workforce has enough support to thrive properly, whilst 22% are uncertain if their leaders could be doing more to help.

Furthermore, 29% of HR leaders don’t know exactly what will be happening with their budget in 2019, with 41% of them thinking it may stay the same – without an annual increase.

“Our survey results suggest that HR is receiving wider recognition for the strategic contribution it makes to businesses,” added Oliver Shaw, Cascade’s CEO. “In 2015, 76% of research participants expressed boardroom frustrations, but a more positive picture has emerged from the 2018 poll.

“34% believe HR has a strong, respected and maintained profile in the boardroom, with a further 34% claiming recognition has grown more positively as the last 12 months have unfolded. The timing of this strategic impact couldn’t be more crucial.”

Throughout the survey, HR leaders praised their departments’ efforts in tackling retention (35%), wellbeing (32%), L&D (32%), diversity (30%) and absence management (28%). What’s more, many practitioners seem to be finally waking up to the promises that emerging HR Tech will bring - as 46% claim it will be essential in improving effectiveness and efficiency.

However, Shaw was quick to point out that the future of our workplace is changing – and as such we face unknown challenges.

“We operate in a changing world of work – by 2025 I think employment contracts and flexible working practices will be unrecognisable, for example,” he explained. “So, it’s a little disconcerting to see that only 34% of people think their business is doing enough to help employees reach their full potential.

“Recruitment and retention will be tricky for organisations that don’t think carefully about their true employment proposition in 2019.”

What are your major concerns for your HR departments in 2019? Tell us in the comments.

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