Fujitsu redesigns office to support flexi-work

The tech giant has introduced a permanent remote work policy for its Singapore-based employees

Fujitsu redesigns office to support flexi-work

The pandemic has led to a debate about whether physical offices are still necessary in our world of work. Some C-suites, especially CFOs are gunning for the end of office rentals, arguing that the cost saved can be better used to support other parts of the organisation.

One tech giant, however, is showing that there is a middle ground solution to the debate. Fujitsu last week (January 20) announced plans to build a new office in Singapore that will help employees optimise its flexible work policy.

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In a statement seen by HRD, Fujitsu said that starting this year, all 500 employees in Singapore can spend up to 90% of their time working from home.

The firm will also give full-time employees a one-time allowance of up to $1,000 to meet their ‘work-from-home needs’.

When employees choose to come into the office, they’ll be able to engage in greater collaborative spaces that will accommodate diverse working styles. Fujitsu will use employee feedback and expert advice to reconfigure the existing office space.

To support remote workers, Fujitsu will review solutions to streamline workflow and enhance existing processes such as IT support, collaboration, project approvals, while maintaining data security.

They will also establish enhanced secure login methods without the need of VPN to provide greater efficiency and better employee experience while managing network bandwidth.

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The proposed plans align with the Japan-based company’s new strategy, ‘Work Life Shift’, announced last year.

“An adaptive enterprise is critical to unlocking success, especially in uncertain times,” said said Motohiko Uno, president at Fujitsu Asia. “Through Fujitsu’s Work Life Shift initiatives in Singapore, we are reimagining working styles through technology and innovation, connecting people and boosting collaboration.

“By incorporating the know-how gleaned from our internal learnings, we are better positioned to pivot from risk, add value and productivity, and enable companies in Singapore and Asia to be more agile and resilient.”

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