Company shut down for cruel staff punishment

In a viral video, staff were seen crawling through busy roads for underperforming

Company shut down for cruel staff punishment

In yet another case of cruel corporate punishment, employees at a beauty company in China were forced to crawl on busy roads after failing to meet their targets.

The company they work for has been temporarily shut down over the incident.

A video of the spectacle has gone viral, with netizens criticising the event.

The video, filmed in Zaozhuang City in eastern Shandong Province, shows the female workers crawling on all fours down a road, busy with heavy traffic, being led a man waving the company’s flag.

Police are then seen intervening the procession to stop the staffers as they were disrupting traffic when they crossed the busy road. Police then berated the man leading the employees and waving the flag.

According to the Associated Press, the video has shocked social media users in China who have sought someone to blame for the situation.

“I hope these companies that trample on their workers’ dignity would be closed down,” one social media user wrote.

Recently, three managers at a home improvement firm in China were jailed for cruelly punishing employees when they failed to meet their sales targets.

They were arrested after an employee claimed that staff were forced to drink urine, eat insects and flogged with belts for underperforming. To read more of the story, click here.

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