Office romance that is off the wall…street

by Cameron Edmond16 Aug 2013

Ling Chan, an oversight examiner at Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FIRA) made some unwanted advances to co-worker Dan Small, which blossomed into something a little bit more…crazy.

In 2011, Small turned down Chan’s romantic advances. This resulted in constant emails, Facebook and LinkedIn requests, and even cards, a coffee mug and golf balls from Chan. In every case, Small turned them down, News Ltd reported.

Then things started to get a bit more sinister.

On Valentine’s Day in2012, Chan asked Small for a coffee date. Five times. She then harassed co-workers for his mobile number and details of his relationship status.

After this incident, Small asked someone in the HR department for help. The HR rep told Chan she needed to cool it, to which she responded by asking if he could give Small a love letter she wrote.

Things escalated from there. Chan was fired on 22 February, which she responded with by writing a love letter apologising to Small, then attempting to file a claim against the HR department and her boss for her termination.

Since then? Chan has applied 574 times to 82 different positions at FIRA, using a number of aliases. John Braut, an HR manager at FIRA, was harassed by Chan by being signed up to a number of adult magazines using his work email. Chan then slandered him and made threats online.