Not such a bad idea: Occupational therapist puts leg back together

by Cameron Edmond05 Jul 2013

Christina Stephens, an occupational therapist and clinical researcher, has built herself a prosthetic leg after a co-worker joked she should give it a go, CNet reported earlier this week.

Stephens, who has been documenting her progress since a foot injury resulted in amputation, had a co-worker joke about her making a leg out of Lego. Soon after, she uploaded a Youtube video showing off her specially fitted prosthetic leg before taking it off and building a new one from Lego.

While obviously not a replacement for her normal prosthetic, it does seem convenient that any breakages can be easily fixed by snapping the leg back together. However, Stephens doesn’t recommend others try it.

While something as out there as Lego prosthetics might not be a common talking point in most workplaces, the joy that Stephens’ Legoleg brings indicates that maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to just laugh off some of our co-worker’s wackier ideas, even if they are meant in good fun.