10 most awkward office gifts

by Cameron Edmond13 Dec 2013
While some employers might be expecting a lump of coal under the tree this year, many workers might simply be dreading a bizarre Secret Santa present.
Between well-meaning employers, secret office admirers and crazy co-workers, receiving a gift that is a bit…out there is inevitable every now and then. Careerbuilder.com surveyed over 5,000 hiring managers and employees, asking them to list the most unusual gifts they’ve come across:
  • 50 pounds of fresh Louisiana shrimp
  • A toothpaste squeezer
  • A hand-painted porcelain clown with silk clothes on it
  • A unicorn calendar
  • A painted concrete chicken
  • A plaster cast of a co-worker’s hand
  • Camouflage toilet paper
  • Homemade laundry detergent
  • Stamps
  • A talking fly swatter
What is the most bizarre office gift you’ve ever received? Let us know below!