The First 100 Days: Making your mark

by HCA05 Mar 2014
Making a good first impression in a new HR role requires more than a stellar CV and a can-do attitude. To truly make your presence felt in the C-suite, you need to enter the fray with a strong strategy engineered towards creating instant positive outcomes.
Senior HR professional Julianne May said a lot can be achieved within the first 100 days – in fact, as an interim HR specialist, her role relies on it – but she believes HR executives have far less time than that to make their mark. 
“What I’ve found during a decade of specialising in HR contracting is that you have about three weeks to make an impact,” May said. 
“This includes things like identifying the quick wins, figuring out where the organisation is currently feeling stress, and identifying where you can make yourself most useful. You also need to look at the long-term business goals so you can decide what action you need to take to support these longer term plans.”
Grasping the organisational structure is important to achieving these outcomes, as is determining the capability of the team you've joined. But beyond that, it’s crucial to plan your HR objectives from the outset.
“It may sound cliché, but you need to step into your role with a plan of what you want to achieve in your first three months and importantly, what you want to become known for,” said Rosemarie Dentesano, Right Management regional practice leader for Talent Management in ANZ.
“To make a good impression, focus on understanding and actioning the high priorities.” 
Before you start making significant changes or developing new strategies, she added, make sure you take the time to listen and understand what the business issues and needs are around you. 
“You can then start to build credibility internally and externally, by developing your personal and professional reputation,” Dentesano said. 

Susan Ferrier, National Head of People, Performance & Culture, KPMG will be talking about making your mark in the first 100 days in a new HR leadership role at the HR Summit Directors Forum in Sydney on 1 April 201. Find out more here:


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