Inside CHEP Australia’s award-winning R&R program

by HCA12 May 2017
CHEP Australia was so successful at building a culture where great work is recognised that they were awarded the best reward and recognition program at the 2016 Australian HR Awards.

At CHEP Australia, employees who exemplify their company values and have a positive impact on the business, customers and their peers are rewarded and recognised in a meaningful way. The company’s R&R program celebrates outstanding performance, leadership, commitment and services to the community through formal and informal initiatives, including monetary and non-monetary incentives.

CHEP Australia has continued to experience year-on-year success with its R&R program – it has seen improved company engagement scores, positive employee feedback and ongoing leadership support.

Jessica Asher, Human Resources Business Partner at CHEP Australia, outlined the key elements of the company’s R&R offerings.

“At CHEP, we achieve a lot of amazing things through our people. To recognise the people who make a significant impact within our business, we have a suite of reward and recognition initiatives to show our appreciation for their hard work," she said.

"These initiatives include formal annual awards, including our Achieving Together Awards gala night, ongoing peer-to-peer rewards and a number of everyday recognition resources."

In order to recognise and incentivise high achievers, CHEP Australia have a number of initiatives, which include their bonus plans, ATAs and ATEDs.

Bonus Plans

Every year, employees participate in an annual performance review where their performance is measured against key strategic objectives that were set at the beginning of the year. Through this process, employees are rewarded through incentive payments based on their achievement. High performers receive greater recognition in terms of both performance rating and bonus amount to incentive and encourage ongoing strong performance.

Each individual who participates in this process detail stretch objectives that are above and beyond their day to day tasks. These stretch objectives are aligned to strategic and business unit plans, and have a strategic impact on the business if achieved.


CHEP Australia also rewards and recognises those who demonstrate high performance through our Achieving Together Awards, and Achieving Together Everyday Awards.

The Achieving Together Awards are designed to recognise the most outstanding achievements of their people at a business wide level. This award signifies achievement in activities or projects that have had a significant value outcome for the whole business and its customers, achieved a sustainable change or result, has been achieved through stretch targets and demonstrates CHEP’s values.

ATA’s can be peer or leader nominated throughout the year, with successful nominations generally awarded on a quarterly basis with winners receiving a crystal trophy and $250 gift voucher.

The Achieving Together Every Day Awards recognise achievements that deliver strong outcomes at a business unit level and the commitment the employee(s) have demonstrated to achieve this. ATED’s can be peer or leader nominated with winners receiving a crystal trophy and $150 gift voucher.

The entry deadline is today for the 2017 Australian HR Awards.

The full list of categories and details on how to enter are available at

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