Gen-Y optimistic for 2014

by Cameron Edmond13 Jan 2014
Young Australians aged between 19 and 33 (Gen Y) are hopeful for the future, with 59% holding onto the belief that the Australian economy will be better in 2014 than it was in 2013, research from McCrindle Research has found.

In comparison, 50% of those aged between 34 and 48 (Gen X) feel the same, with 49 to 67 year olds (Baby Boomers) coming in at 47%.

In terms of the economic cycle, few Australians feel confident in the country’s direction. Thirty-three per cent of Australians feel the economy is nose-diving, and will be worse this year, 25% feel it has fallen but is on the rise, with 15% predicting a dip this year, and 27% viewing it in a period of acceleration.

For HR, this information serves as an insight into the outlook of their staff. Despite age, many of the same concerns drive each generation. Addressing these fears where possible will be crucial for HR to get the most out of workers in 2014. Key concerns for Australians in 2014 include:
  • Rising living costs
  • Gun crime and violence
  • Refugees and boat arrivals
  • Economic instability
  • Climate change
Is this an accurate representation of the fears facing Australians in 2014? Share your concerns (or hopes!) for 2014 below.


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