Former Seven reporter settles legal row over sacking

by HCA21 Feb 2017

Former Channel Seven news reporter Amy Taeuber has settled her legal row with the network out of court.

Taeuber sued the Seven Network and former boss Graham Archer for unfair dismissal after she complained Today Tonight journalist Rodney Lohse called her a “lesbian”. HC contacted Channel Seven for comment.

Taeuber had complained last year that on her birthday a senior staff member made comments of a sexual nature when she was not present.

The remarks were allegedly made in front of a number staff and reported to Taeuber by friends.

Taeuber lodged a formal complaint, but weeks later an internal investigation by HR cleared the colleague.

A few days later, the network accused Taeuber of bringing Seven into disrepute by blogging about My Kitchen Rules on her sister Kate’s reality TV website.

Taeuber alleged the network used staff to “dig up dirt” on her which included looking up her social media accounts, following her allegations against Lohse.

Seven requested that the website be taken down. The sisters agreed but then management accessed her work emails and made further allegations of “online misconduct”.

In early July last year, the investigation into Taeuber concluded that she was guilty of “serious misconduct” and she was offered the chance to resign with a confidentiality agreement.

However, it is reported Taeuber denied any misconduct and refused to resign, according to The Guardian.

The 27-year-old filed an adverse action claim in the Federal Court Circuit after mediation through Fair Work Commission failed following her dismissal in July.

However, in December Judge Timothy Heffernan ordered the parties back into mediation which was moved to a privately operated session in Sydney last week.

After the hearing the parties agreed to settle their dispute. The terms of the deal remain confidential but it is reported to include a financial settlement.

It is believed Taeuber was seeking as much as $300,000 in damages and a finding that she was unfairly dismissed, according to The Advertiser. The final payout has not been disclosed to the public.

A spokeswoman for the network said all parties had reached “an amicable settlement”. Consequently, the network and Archer will not have to be involved in a public trial.

Taeuber is reportedly now working for a commercial radio station.

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