Driving engagement through recognition

by Cameron Edmond18 Nov 2013

Recognition is fast becoming a critical tool to motivate employees and increase productivity. Consultancy Power2Motivate has conducted research which indicates that 78% of employees admit to being motivated by recognition. However, many HR leaders grapple with creating steady and consistent recognition programs.

“The key to retaining talent in this competitive environment is by developing programs which motivate the people within the business, turning them from employees to organisation advocates,” Mark Robinson, executive general manager of Power2Motivate APAC, said.

Currently, many recognition programs are only assessed internally, and often result in inconsistent, ad-hoc and disjointed procedures. It is important for organisations to adopt a more holistic and consistent approach to recognition.

“People are the greatest assets to any business and by maintaining a consistent recognition program, a company is able to encourage the repetition of corporate values, foster the innovation of thought and ultimately drives business growth,” Robinson added.

To this end, Power2Motivate developed the Recognition Rater – a free online tool that asks 10 questions to give an immediate rating and report on an organisation’s recognition program, benchmarked against best practices around the world.

“It’s often hard to justify the commitment to a recognition program to business leadership teams, so hopefully the customised recommendations which the Recognition Rater provides will assist in developing support throughout the whole business,” Robinson said.


You can check out the Recognition Rate yourself here.


  • by anonymous 18/11/2013 10:48:55 AM

    Its amusing that we have such little self esteem that everyone now requires praise and recognition to simply do the job that they are paid to do.

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