Building a business case for diversity and inclusion

by Iain Hopkins21 Feb 2013

A diverse and inclusive workforce is a concept now familiar to most organisations and HR is often at the forefront of these programs and initiatives. A global survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management found 55% of organisations strongly promote diversity and inclusion, but the key to success was support at the top level from the CEO and senior management.

It is therefore crucial that HR make a strong business case for diversity initiatives that effectively demonstrate how greater diversity will have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. Steve Rowe, group general manager, people and culture, at IAG, will be sharing his insights into making the business case at the upcoming National HR Summit in Sydney.

IAG, a finalist for Best Workplace Diversity Strategy at last year’s Australian HR Awards, has a strong commitment to building a diverse and inclusive culture as part of the broader People & Culture strategy. While many organisations still focus their diversity efforts on recruiting and promoting women in the workforce, Rowe will discuss how it is time to move from an organisation that is demographically diverse to one that also promotes diversity of thinking.

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