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  • Kiwi business confidence overtaking Australia’s by Chloe Taylor

    Research has found that New Zealanders are more confident in their organisations’ futures that their colleagues in Australia, leading one expert to warn Aussie employers that their talent might begin to look across the Tasman for opportunities.

  • HR must rise to new decade’s talent management challenge by

    The HR profession has helped improve many areas of the workplace in the past decade, but has a long way to go before it fulfils its potential.

  • HR the key to retain restless workers by

    Employers are under increased pressure to engage and retain their employees following research that reveals one in six workers have applied for a new job in the past six months.

  • Facebook No No’s: Part One by

    1. Don’t add new friends on Facebook when off work sickA Swiss insurance worker was fired in April after surfing Facebook while off work sick.

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