HRD's Hot List winners 2022 revealed

HRD was blown away by the calibre of this year's winners

HRD's Hot List winners 2022 revealed

The past 12 months have been as disruptive as they have been innovative, with HR leaders taking front and centre stage in the fight against COVID-19. Practitioners across Australia were faced with a myriad of challenges - from navigating overnight digitization to maintaining culture in remote work and safeguarding employee mental wellbeing. And while it’s been undeniably difficult, it’s also definitely proved just how important HR is to organisational strategy.

In that vein, HRD is proud to unveil our 2022 Hot List – a comprehensive guide to the very best and brightest our sector has to offer. HRD was blown away by the calibre of this year’s winners, showcasing innovative changes, empathetic leadership and cutting-edge work, industry leading, work. 

This year’s winners include Johnson & Johnson’s Sheridan Heussler, Telstra’s Darren Fewster, and Diageo’s Geraldine Joanes.

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