How in-depth should employee screening go?

Should HR roll out a holistic approach that considers the needs of everyone involved?

How in-depth should employee screening go?

Background checks protect a business but can cause issues when not executed properly. An exclusive feature published by HRD in partnership with First Advantage explores how embedding screening with your applicant tracking system can help develop a holistic approach to screening.

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The best way to achieve protection from risky hires is to have your background and medical checks integrated with your applicant tracking systems. Having your screening integrated within the tracking system forms a holistic approach that considers the needs of everyone involved. 

It’s far easier for HR to stay on top of the background check process when the screening data is in the same place as the rest of the onboarding data.

Information overload

It is imperative to gather data on prospective employees but how much is too much? “Ultimately, how wide a net the background screening casts is a matter for the employer,” said Jim Heeney, Vice President, Head of Australia and NZ at global background check company First Advantage.

“We’ve seen clients ask for more and more information, to the point where they are overwhelmed. Do you really want to be getting a red flag every time you open a system? When HR receives that information, someone has to act on it, to make a decision on it, so it creates a pressure point,” Heeney continued.

The need for transparency

You must be transparent with candidates about what checks are carried out and what you are going to do with the information that you collect. “We’re going into an individual’s past; we’re bringing out information that could be positive or could indicate a risky hire. But we want to do so in a way that is transparent, consensual and is assisting all the stakeholders. 

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