How embracing tech can make for better HR

Top HR leaders boost employment outcomes using technology

How embracing tech can make for better HR

The further advancement of technology has always delivered to change to workplaces across the world.

Some members of the workforce see them as a threat, but there are some who see it as an opportunity for innovation.

Kim Boland, chief people officer of Chrysos Corporation, is among those who believe tech can deliver innovation.

"HR has really had to evolve and grow very quickly and not lose that people-centric focus but also balance the commerciality of the business," Boland told HRD. "It's also factoring in 'How do I grow and develop and integrate AI into my own space so that [no one is] left behind?' I think that's the next challenge ahead."

The HR team behind Chrysos Corporation was recently named among the best in terms of innovation in Australia, where it managed to utilise AI to deliver the following gains:

  • 82% employee satisfaction rate
  • 400 user sign-ons for 120 employees on BambooHR
  • developing a global approach for travel to new countries

Using a gamified system

Domino's Pizza Enterprises, whose HR team was also recognised as one of the Best HR Teams for Innovation, also utilised a gamified multilingual learning management system to improve outcomes.

Matthew Kershaw, global head of people and development at Domino's, said their system allows employees to create a character in a game, where they can earn badges and trophies.

As a result, Kershaw said they saw "incredible engagement."

"When we're launching the products into our market or we have new things coming up, instead of people rolling their eyes, there’s almost a sense of anticipation to go in there and play the game," he told HRD.

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