New 'migrant skills incentives' boost

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New 'migrant skills incentives' boost

Last Thursday, the Department of Education, Skills and Employment announced its “Migrant Skills Incentives” that is expected to benefit onshore skilled migrants. The government would offer free fast-tracked skills assessments, employability assessments, career advice and subsidised training for the said workers.

According to the department’s media release, the program aims to provide eligible skilled migrants with targeted support “to remove obstacles” like processing delays in skills assessment applications, financial or eligibility barriers, and challenges finding a job at their skill level.

The government is set to bring $19.7 million as investment in the program to improve the employment outcomes for migrants in occupations where workers are in shortage and support Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19’s impact.

“Having their skills recognised in Australia provides a greater opportunity for migrants to join the workforce. Businesses and employers will have increased confidence that migrants have the skills they need to do the job,” the department said.

“The Migrant Skills Incentives are not only providing greater opportunities for onshore migrants to join the workforce but also assisting Australian businesses and industries address workforce pressures,” the department added.

The program is categorized into three, namely:

  • Incentive 1 – Faster Migrant Skills Assessment
  • Incentive 2 – Skills Assessment Opportunities for Migrants
  • Incentive 3 – Employability Assessments will commence in mid-2022.

Incentive 1 - Faster Migrant Skills Assessments

Offers fast-tracked skills assessments for onshore migrants who have already submitted and paid for an application in a priority occupation and are awaiting an outcome.

Incentive 2 - Skills Assessment Opportunities for Migrants

Offers onshore migrants who reside in Australia on a permanent family, partner, humanitarian or refugee visa with a free, fast-tracked skills assessment. It is available to migrants who have never undergone a skills assessment and who have skills, qualifications and/or experience directly relevant to a priority occupation.

Incentive 3 - Employability Assessments

Aimed at improving employment outcomes for skilled migrants working below their skill level. It offers onshore migrants, who have previously received a suitable skills assessment in a priority occupation, with a free employability assessment and access to subsidised training to gain the specific skills required in the job market. It will commence in mid-2022.

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