How to build belonging in a virtual world

In this new hybrid world we’re in, building belonging isn’t always easy

How to build belonging in a virtual world

In a virtual world, some aspects are easier to recreate than others. There is a myriad of tools out there to enable dispersed teams to communicate, to collaborate and to celebrate together. But other social aspects, like building a sense of belonging, can be harder to foster when employees are spread across home and office.

In an upcoming webinar, Culture Amp will delve into this pressing issue facing remote workers. Sharing insight into how feedback plays a crucial role in fostering belonging, the event will outline some of the big challenges up ahead and explore strategy behind building a positive employee experience.

Speaking to HRD, Culture Amp’s senior people scientist Fiona Scullion said one of the main challenges is creating opportunities for connection when not everyone is in the office at the same time.

“Another big hurdle is around the ability to manage remotely,” she said. “It’s about ensuring employees feel connected in a remote world via social media and other platforms and how managers can feel enabled to help that process.

“Employees also need to be able to manage their well-being openly and feel supported to reach out. Managers need to learn to gauge this level of connectedness, keeping their finger on the pulse of how their team think and feel.”

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With Australia in the grip of a talent shortage across many industries, employee experience is becoming even more critical. A business’s ability to attract great talent is only as strong as a its ability to retain it. That’s why now is the time to dig deep into the employee experience, identifying strengths and weaknesses to ensure an employer’s offering is the best it can be.

Scullion said employing the use of feedback to continually measure sentiment among teams and individuals is a powerful tool – especially in a remote environment. But HRDs must ensure the thinking behind their feedback is right. Overzealous pulsing and a failure to take action will erode the power of an optimised feedback mechanism.

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During the live webinar, the audience will also hear from Kat Barnett, Oracle’s senior director of employee success for Japan and Asia Pacific, who will share how they are using feedback to create a sense of belonging and connection among their employees.

To sign up for the upcoming Culture Amp x HRD webinar, register for the event here.

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