Safe Work updates information sheet on family, domestic violence at work

Info sheet now covers expanded paid leave entitlements to employees

Safe Work updates information sheet on family, domestic violence at work

Safe Work Australia has updated its information sheet on family and domestic violence (FDV) at work to cover the recent rollout of leave entitlements to employees.

The updated information sheet now states that employees can access up to 10 days of FDV leave in a 12-month period, request flexible working arrangements, and take paid or unpaid sick or carer's leave in some circumstances.

"Some workplaces may also offer further paid or unpaid leave for workers experiencing family and domestic violence," the information sheet read.

The changes reflect the government's recent rollout of 10 days of paid FDV leave to at least seven million employees across Australia, replacing the previous five days of unpaid FDV leave.

Information sheet for employers

Safe Work's information sheet provides general guidance on how employers can help provide a safe space for workers suffering from family and domestic violence.

"Family and domestic violence can become a [work health and safety] issue if the perpetrator makes threats, intimidates or carries out violence on a partner or family member at the workplace, including if working from home," SafeWork said on its website.

"This information sheet provides guidance on how businesses can help provide a safe environment for workers, and where to seek further advice."

In the information sheet, definitions for family and domestic violence, as well as the steps that employers and workers need to do in such cases are outlined.

The sheet also teaches employers how to respond to disclosures of family and domestic violence cases and ensure that these instances are handled with discretion.

"Managing the risk of family and domestic violence at the workplace is complex and needs to be handled appropriately and sensitively," Safe Work said.

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