When you put people first, inspired work follows

UKG & Payroll Metrics deliver a powerful partnership

When you put people first, inspired work follows

As UKG’s Managing Director of ANZSEA, Charlie DeWitt’s philosophy has long been that people represent the most important part of any business’ success.

With Kronos’ recent rebrand to UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), the new “Our Purpose is People” tagline truly epitomises the people-first culture that has always been strongly embraced by UKG employees throughout the region. In addition to a mission to deliver innovative technology, UKG believes in going above and beyond to embody being “people-first”.

“Our old motto was “workforce innovation that works” – and this is still something we consider one of our key differentiators, but it wasn’t entirely reflective of where we are as a company today.” says DeWitt.

It is critical as business, regulatory and workforce landscapes become increasingly complex, that organisations take the opportunity to invest in their people as one of the key pillars of business success. A people-first technology partner will recognise and ensure your workforce are put at the forefront of every project.

“It took a lot of time and investment to not just subconsciously be more people-oriented, but bring that into the active consciousness of the company,” says DeWitt. “But the truth is that when you take care of your people and your customers, everything else will take care of itself. I know that other people tend to look towards other metrics, but I think it’s very easy to conflate data on a spreadsheet with meaningful human interaction. So, my litmus test on every decision we make as a company has to be whether we did the right thing by people.” 

DeWitt notes that along the continuum of a workforce technology project, it is critical to have the right stakeholders in place. Engaged implementation, knowledgeable support, and readily available guidance will all improve the likelihood of getting the best out of a project. UKG’s employees consistently receive commendation every step of the way for their commitment to their customers.

Of course, the year past has been a crucible to demonstrate the importance of these values in action. Rebecca Moulynox, Senior Human Resources Manager at UKG, points to the risks of working with the wrong technology partner.

“Many HR professionals have experienced a bad system rollout or had to deal with legacy issues,” says Moulynox. “If you’ve lived through it, you’ll know that the partner you’re working with has a huge influence on the subsequent user adoption of the system and long-term success.”

This points to the value of working with tested and proven partnerships. Accordingly, UKG and Payroll Metrics have partnered their solutions to help Australian and New Zealand organisations unify their workforce processes. Their accolades include Silver in the HCM category and Bronze in the Payroll category of HRD Top Service Provider Awards.

The unified, cloud solution means organisations are supported into the future. Ongoing automatic upgrades minimise compliance risk that comes with manual or out-of-date systems. 

“I think the most important consideration is usability,” says DeWitt. “If you have an integrated solution, then you will have a “single source of truth.” That streamlines processes for employees, managers, and the executive leadership.”

Looking ahead, technology and digital transformation will play a significant role in HR’s longer-term strategic goals. Innovation, DeWitt notes, is no longer a nice-to-have in engaging employees; it is becoming a necessity to recruiting and retaining top talent.

People will continue to be an organisation’s most competitive differentiator. What they bring to the table will be what sets your organisation apart.

“HR is really a value-add, and it should be considered an investment in driving future vision,” says Moulynox.

UKG won a Silver Medal in the Human Capital Management Systems Category, and partner organisation Payroll Metrics won a Bronze Medal in the Payroll Systems Category for this year’s HR Service Provider Awards  

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