HR in the hot seat: Georgina Boyd of Amadeus

HRD chats to Georgina Boyd, Head of HR at Amadeus, about the challenges of finding, keeping and developing strong talent

HR in the hot seat: Georgina Boyd of Amadeus

What is your current role and what brought you into it?

My current role is Head of Human Resources, AU and NZ for Amadeus. I have had a variety of roles in Amadeus, including exposure to Asia Pacific regional responsibilities, which has brought a richness to my work experience here. I was approached for a role in Amadeus over 10 years ago. I love the company, the diversity and the people that work for Amadeus. It is a great global environment, you work with many different people in different countries.  It is a pleasure to come into work every day, as we have a collaborative and caring culture, which is something I greatly appreciate.

What are some of your current HR challenges?

We are a knowledge based company and our people are key and fundamental to our success. Our focus is continually on finding, keeping and developing strong talent. As the sectors we work in evolve and change, the challenge for us is to ensure we are keeping ahead of the curve with the knowledge and skills we bring into our organisation, as well as protecting and developing those that we already have.

Amadeus is also a company where multiculturalism is inherent in the way we work together and operate. We see diversity and inclusion as a business imperative and we strive relentlessly towards this objective. Our commitment is clearly reflected in our policies and practices but is something we are always mindful of and are always looking for ways to develop and improve.

What is the favourite part of your job?

Firstly, my team. We work hard, but also like to laugh and have fun which makes being at work a really enjoyable experience. I was thrilled that we were recognised as one of HRD hot HR teams for 2017 -  it’s the result of their hard work and great ideas.  

I also really like my organisation and our internal customers. We have a positive, collaborative and open culture and I feel a real sense of comradery in our workplace. This supports productive relationships both internally and with our external customers and partners.

What attracted you to a career in HR?

My mum is to blame for me getting into HR. She suggested that that is was what I was suited to as I have always been a person who enjoys dealing with people. I followed her advice, and she was right. I love dealing with people which ultimately is what HR is all about. I have been very fortunate to work with many great people as a result.

What’s one piece of HR related advice you would offer?

You have to have fun and have a laugh. Sometimes HR can be a difficult and challenging role, so it’s important to also enjoy the bright moments and build a positive rapport within your team. I highly recommend doing regular team building activities, not only does it help build that positive culture but it can also help identify any problems and allow you to work to resolve them.



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