Fun Friday: 10 annoying habits to kick in 2020

Sadly, old habits die hard for some of us

Fun Friday: 10 annoying habits to kick in 2020

As 2020 rolls in, you can expect staff members to begin listing down their New Year’s resolutions.

Some will take on new hobbies; others will find new ways to improve their wellbeing or boost their productivity.

The bottom line: it’s about starting fresh and becoming a better version of ourselves. That is, if we know exactly which areas of our life need tweaking.

Sadly, old habits die hard for some of us. These weird little quirks – which some might dismiss as being totally harmless – might already be getting on the nerve of our colleagues.

The folks at Chewsy Gum know a thing or two about annoying habits in the workplace. They asked nearly 1,800 people just what it is that grinds their gears.

For seven in 10, it’s the classic case of co-workers chewing loud or chewing with their mouth open. Not only is it annoying to hear chomping sounds – it’s also disgusting for the majority of workers.

Sensory overload
Many are clearly put off by behaviours that trigger sensory overload, especially those concerning the sense of smell (68%).

The second most detested habit at work? Introducing foul or strong odours into the office. These can come from workers having poor hygiene or wearing a strong scent, or from the food they bring in.

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Some workers, on the other hand, are annoyed by the sounds people make – consciously or unconsciously. These range from loud typing (26%) to loud breathing (32%) to rhythmic tapping (43%).

Then there’s that co-worker who just loves playing loud music at their workstation. While they might think their playlist is the best, 42% of their colleagues absolutely hate it. However, only one in four who get annoyed by their co-worker’s sound tripping actually ask to turn it down.

Despite all the drama that surrounds co-workers behaving badly, 74% of respondents believe their peers should be social in the workplace.

As the study notes: “Your work environment and the people you work with can make all the difference to how productive you are on a day-to-day basis.”

Top 10 habits your colleagues detest:

  1. Loud/open-mouth chewing (70%)
  2. Being a source of strong smells - food, body odour, too much cologne/perfume (68%)
  3. Coughing/sneezing/sniffling (48%)
  4. Rhythmic tapping (43%)
  5. Loud music (42%)
  6. Having a messy desk space (36%)
  7. Loud breathing (32%)
  8. Cutlery clinking (27%)
  9. Loud typing (26%)
  10. Being antisocial (16%)

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