How much are HR leaders earning in Hong Kong?

69% of employers planning to increase salaries this year, report says

How much are HR leaders earning in Hong Kong?

HR leaders in Hong Kong are earning up to HK$200,000 a month as the financial hub sees high hiring demand amid low supply of talent available.

McKinley's Salary Guide for Hong Kong found that regional HR directors with the highest level of seniority and over 15 years of experience are the industry's highest earners with a HK$200,000 a month of salary.

Regional HR directors at low seniority levels are earning HK$100,000, while those with median seniority levels get HK$180,000 a month.

For other roles in HR Management, their monthly salaries are at:

  • HR Director or Head of HR (<8 years of experience): HK$70,000 (low), HK$100,000 (median), HK$120,000 (high)
  • HR Director or Head of HR (8+ years of experience): HK$80,000 (low), HK$100,000 (median), HK$120,000 (high)
  • Regional HR Director (10+years of experience): HK$80,000 (low), HK$100,000 (median), HK$130,000 (high)

For HR Generalist roles, their earnings per month are:

  • HR Executive: HK$18,000 (low), HK$25,000 (median), HK$30,000 (high)
  • Senior HR Executive: HK$25,000 (low), HK$30,000 (median), HK$40,000 (high)
  • Assistant HR Manager: HK$25,000 (low), HK$30,000 (median), HK$40,000 (high)
  • HR Manager or Human Resource Business Partner (5+ years of experience): HK$40,000 (low), HK$45,000 (median), HK$55,000 (high)
  • HR Manager or HRBP (8+ years of experience): HK$60,000 (low), HK$80,000 (median), HK$100,000 (high)
  • Regional HR Manager or HRBP: HK$80,000 (low), HK$100,000 (median), HK$120,000 (high)

For talent acquisition roles, their salaries are:

  • Talent Acquisition Coordinator: HK$18,000 (low), HK$25,000 (median), HK$30,000 (high)
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist: HK$30,000 (low), HK$40,000 (median), HK$40,000 (high)
  • Talent Acquisition Manager: HK$45,000 (low), HK$50,000 (median), HK$60,000 (high)
  • Regional Talent Acquisition Manager: HK$45,000 (low), HK$60,000 (median), HK$70,000 (high)
  • Regional Talent Acquisition Director: HK$70,000 (low), HK$90,000 (median), HK$100,000 (high)

For learning and development roles, their earnings are:

  • Learning and Development Specialist: HK$20,000 (low), HK$25,000 (median), HK$30,000 (high)
  • Learning and Development Manager: HK$40,000 (low), HK$50,000 (median), HK$65,000 (high)
  • Regional Learning and Development Manager: HK$60,000 (low), HK$70,000 (median), HK$80,000 (high)
  • Regional Learning and Development Director: HK$75,000 (low), HK$100,000 (median), HK$130,000 (high)

For compensation and benefit roles, their salaries per month are:

  • Regional Compensation and Benefits Manager: HK$60,000 (low), HK$70,000 (median), HK$80,000 (high)
  • Regional Compensation and Benefits Director: HK$80,000 (low), HK$110,000 (median), HK$150,000 (high)
  • Compensation and Benefits Specialist: HK$25,000 (low), HK$30,000 (median), HK$35,000 (high)
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager: HK$40,000 (low), HK$50,000 (median), HK$60,000 (high)

For Human Resource Information System (HRIS) roles, their monthly earnings are:

  • HRIS Specialist: HK$18,000 (low), HK$25,000 (median), HK$30,000 (high)
  • HRIS Manager: HK$40,000 (low), HK$50,000 (median), HK$60,000 (high)

For Payroll and Employee Engagement positions, their salaries are:

  • Payroll Manager: HK$40,000 (low), HK$50,000 (median), HK$60,000 (high)
  • Payroll Specialist: HK$18,000 (low), HK$25,000 (median), HK$28,000 (high)
  • Employee Engagement Specialist: HK$25,000 (low), HK$35,000 (median), HK$40,000 (high)
  • Employee Engagement Manager: HK$40,000 (low), HK$55,000 (median), HK$65,000 (high)

'Significant' salary growth

The data of HR professionals' monthly earnings come as the report said salaries in most of Hong Kong's sectors saw "significant growth" throughout 2022.

It found that 54% of Hong Kong-based employers raised salaries to retain existing staff, as they struggle against professionals leaving, lower talent arrival, as well as offshoring of numerous functions.

This year, 69% of employers are anticipating that salaries will rise in their sector, as 60% are concerned that they'll lose staff due to higher earning potential in other places.

In-demand roles, skills

Meanwhile, the report also found that employers are most likely looking for talent for the following areas:

  1. Learning and Development
  2. Compensation and Benefits
  3. HR BP
  4. Talent Development and Talent Management
  5. Workforce Planning

Employers are also in search for talent with the following skills and experience:

  1. Proactive and diligent, problem solver
  2. Stakeholder engagement
  3. Strong learning agility
  4. Strong people engagement
  5. Ability to effectively handle multiple priorities

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