Generative AI reduces employee burnout in Hong Kong: survey

Hong Kong sees high levels of generative AI use amid reported benefits

Generative AI reduces employee burnout in Hong Kong: survey

Employees in Hong Kong have emerged as the top users of generative AI tools across the world, according to a new report, which revealed the strong demand for the technology amid high levels of burnout.

UiPath's survey among over 9,000 employees worldwide, including 578 full-time Hong Kong employees, found that 60% of respondents in the financial hub are using generative AI tools at work.

This is just as high as the utilisation levels reported in Singapore (60%), and much higher than the global average of 39%.

Generative AI reduces burnout

The widespread use comes amid strong demand from employees in Hong Kong, where a third are reporting extreme levels of burnout.

According to the report, 44% of employees believe having access to AI and automation, including generative AI tools, would help reduce burnout and improve engagement in the workplace.

Other factors they believe would decrease burnout include a reduced workload (64%) and flexibility to be more creative (44%).

Employees' faith on generative AI tools stem from benefits they received from using the technology, where 45% said it reduced feelings of burnout.

Another 51% reported greater productivity and faster tasks done, where nearly half of the respondents said they save more than 10 hours (48%) and are able to focus on more creative tasks (45%) thanks to the technology.

UiPath surveyed a total of 9,047 full-time employees in nine locations, including United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

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