MOM sees nearly 700 complaints annually on issuance of pay slips

MOM warns of fines against employers breaking payroll rules

MOM sees nearly 700 complaints annually on issuance of pay slips

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) received an average of 670 complaints per year against employers over issuance of pay slips between 2021 and 2023.

The complaints were either about the late issuance of itemised payslips or pay slips not being issued at all.

According to MOM, the ministry engages and guides with the employers involved to start issuing itemised pay slips within a month.

"If employers fail to do so and complaints surface again, MOM will issue caution letters to the employers and can further impose an administrative penalty of up to $400 fine for each repeated infringement," it said in a statement.

Singapore's rules on pay slips

Singapore has been mandating employers to issue itemised pay slips to all employees covered by the Employment Act since 2016.

They should be issued together with the payment to the employee, or within three working days of payment, according to MOM.

This issued pay slip — whether soft copy, hard copy, or handwritten — may be consolidated if an employee is paid more than once a month. A standard payslip should include the following:

  1. Full name of employer
  2. Full name of employee
  3. Date of payment (or dates, if the pay slips consolidates multiple payments)
  4. Basic salary
  5. Start and end date of salary period
  6. Allowances paid for salary period
  7. Any other additional payment for each salary period
  8. Deductions made for each salary period
  9. Overtime hours worked
  10. Overtime pay
  11. Start and end date of overtime payment period (if different from item 5 start and end date of salary period)
  12. Net salary paid in total

"If overtime pay does not apply to you, your pay slip need not include items 9 to 11," MOM said on its website.

Employers are also mandated to keep a record of all payslips issued in the last two years for current employees.

For ex-employees, the last two years of payslips issued should be kept for one year after the employee leaves employment.

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